Saturday, February 28, 2004


Friday, February 27, 2004

a haiku

remember the time
we saw kaiju big battle
in new york city?

a series of haiku's

remember the time
the wicked witch of the west
appeared that one night

we turned the faucet
sticking out of the building
and drank it's water

we went to the bar
and talked to clamy skin guy
he drank fat tire once

i am having problems with school again...it's the point in the semester where i realize that i have let myself go too much...i have that "ohshit" feeling in the pit of my stomach
get a load of this movie review..get ready to hear me rant...so i just saw the passion...i really didn't want to get involved in all the hype surrounding this movie...but i did...and i did not like it...at the movie theater..before the movie started..the lights were in in the theater full blast...why?..i don't know..but i have never encountered anything like that....then a movie theater employee started off the movie with a little disclaimer..."this movie does have subtitles"...like the signs they had posted outside of the ticket window weren't enough...they acted like no one has ever seen or heard of a subtitled movie before...during the entire movie there were people sobbing to the left and right of me...basically..if you want to see jesus get the crap beat out of him for two hours straight.with flashbacks of him breaking bread...then see this movie..or if you want to see 100 close ups of mary's face crying..then see this movie...i swear some of the audience thought that it really was jesus being filmed while getting his ass whooped by romans...i guess i feel like i have representation issues...not that i was there when the dude died...BUT NEITHER WAS MEL GIBSON.....it's scary...as if it is being used as a tool to transform the beliefs of the audience..like people are supposed to believe that it really happened b/c of the images they consume within a two hour time period...if they didn't believe in christ before they saw the movie..they'll believe in him now....that is the view some church officials have decided to take..i was reading somewhere (i think people magazine) that there was this church...who would give free movie tickets way to church members who bring a "non believer"....well...i'll tell you what i believe in...not supporting mel's representation of the jews like his holocaust denying father...there is so much more i could say about this movie...but i am sure after you see it..some of you will agree with me...and some of you will disagree with me...i suppose i wouldn't be so critical of the movie if it wasn't intended to be taken so seriously..to put it best...like the dad from Big Fish (albert finney...i forget the characters name doh!)..."never talk about religion..you never know ya' gonna o-fend"..so sorry if i o-fended anyone..and sorry that this movie o-fended me...in the end..everyone is entitled to their opinion..unfortunately..even mel...i am done going off now

Thursday, February 26, 2004

well..if anyone can give me any advise... LR587576@wcupa.edu
i gave birth to a retarded tagboard

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

last night i had to teach my boyfriend how to ride a train...he's not really from around here...i felt really weird to have to teach a grow man how to read a train schedule...and tell him what to say when the ticket man comes around to collect money...say "i'd like two round trip tickets to 30th st. station, please"...there was this hippie guy getting on the R5 with his bike...and then another older hippie man got on the train as well with a bike...and one of those Guatemalan fabric 'book bags' with a blinking reflector light..he looked and acted like the dad on that crap show dharma and greg...even though young hippie guy and old hippie guy were complete strangers..they were having this really loud in-depth conversation about hiking the Appalachian trail..and the younger hippie guy said that his shoes saved his life........how?...did they pat him on the back when the water from his nalgene bottle went down the wrong tube?..and it turned into some sort of "i have more hiking experience' pissing contest...anyway....the first time i heard a about a person walking down the eastern coast of the united states...i was inspired to walk a long distance as well....it's a long story..nish and i..the walk...the sweltering heat..the disappointment at the end of the road..the triumphant victory...and the last hill..and the photos to prove it....i'll have to tell it to you sometime....

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

today i took my significant other, ray, to a job interview downtown...and the smell of fried garbage took over my car...that city-fried-chicken smell makes my want to wretch...how dare it invade my car/personal space/nose...who gave it the right?..by the way..if you don't like ELO, you better start..

Monday, February 23, 2004

by the way nishi...if you are charles murphy...then i'll be eddie...so we can beat the crap out of rick-james-bitch for smearing mud on the couch with his girlie-ass boots
how do i add links :(
I'm Hat-Butt Man Bitch!
...i want to tell a story that i think should be told..again....nish..this one is for you....it is about the time i found a dead man....yes...a dead man......one summer teenage night..while walking through the ghetto parts of ardmore....i think i see what looks like a large lump on the laying in the grass next to the curb...as i approach this lump...i realize that it is a man laying face down in the ground..i also notice that this man is naked from the waste down...except for a dirty white sock on his right foot.....his shoes and pants and underwear are scattered in the dirt within a ten foot radius of his body....the upper part of his body is covered with a scummy flannel..the type of flannel shirt a pot smoking shop kid would wear every day instead of a coat..you know what i'm talking about...anyway.....i am thinking to myself how crazy this is that a half naked man is unconscious and half naked passed out in the street.....but what makes this even more unique is the fact that he has a baseball hat shoved up his ass....yes...the curled rim of a baseball cap...up there....like his butt grew a hat....i grabbed the nearest poking stick i could find...and poked him a little to do the "are you alive, sir" test....no budging...i get even closer...stone cold...no breathing.....i run to the nearest bar to call 911....and 15 min later i return to the spot of the dead man to see hat-butt man in handcuffs....wearing pants..and shoes...so he was just mostly dead....

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

sorry...it took me while to figure this out..i don't even know who i am apologizing to....anyhoo....i want to give a shout out to nishi..tonight we went on a pizza date and our waitress was a total drunk hag...but we were nice to her anyway..even though she was kind of mean to us...well not really mean...but not nice..i guess i'm just sensitive like that....she had a dust colored quasi-beehive held up with one of those claw clip thingies that was brown....

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