Friday, March 26, 2004

i think i finally get this movie....donnie darko

Monday, March 15, 2004

speaking of cute creatures gus. he is homeless and needs a family....i would love to adpot him..but my family already has a dog..wolfie..when he was found...he was so dirty that he looked like a little wolf (even though he is a little white west highland terrier) my family doesn't want another dog :( i still think gus would make a great addition to our family...and be a great little pal to wolfie...and i want to adpot him so bad...but i don't think it would be fair since i don't know where i'll be in a year or two...what if i can't take him with me???..but the ad says i can take him anywhere...CUTENESS HURTS!!!..IT HURTS DAMNIT!!!....

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

my favorite magazine readymade...check it out....i am so stoked!!!..i made my schedule for my last semester of undergrad ever!!!....i have decided to take classes that don't directly relate to my major..like music classes...romanitc piano lit. what the hell is that...i think we get to play waltzs on korgs...while we fall in love with our classmates...i'll be the only anthro major in a class full for music majors...i kind of know how to play the piano..i'll show up to class dressed like indiana jones and i will bust out my whip and lash notes out on the piano instead of just playing it like everyone else....i really hate that "romantic" style/periods of piano music...but i always end up liking most music that i listen to for an extended period of time...so i think i'll be ok..this one time my family and drove to texas in our old station wagon right before i entered that preteen phase...i had such a hatred for country music before i left..because i was trying to be cool and listen to eagle 106.9...remember that station??....but there was really nothing else to listen to....and you being to accept that fact that you have no control of the radio since you are too young to drive...i had nothing i could plug my ears with...so i just gave up and listened...and then i started to sing along.....don't get me wrong i'm not saying that i have to capacity to learn to like celine dion...did you ever notice how she punches herself in the chest when she sings?.......other classes i am taking are yoga and creative writing...by the way...i went to wawa last night to get a cup of coffee..i always get the same kind of coffee every time i go....i see a new flavor of cappucino there...COOKIES and CREAM....i guess seeing the words cookies and cream reminded my of the ice cream flavor...so i got it....and it tasted like liquid hot cake batter...just a warning to all you wawa coffee drinkers out there....there is a cult of wawa coffe drinkers in this area...there everywhere...
i have made a ton of template changes and posted a few new blogs and i can't see any of them???..if you can see the changes that i have made tag me
holy crap....NEW TEEN GIRLS SQUAD episode featuring HENRY ROLLINS and ABE LINCOLN..check it out

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

hmm...i know it's a drastic change..i just wanted to try it on for the day...tell me what you think of it..honesty....i feel like i just got a drastic haircut..the kind if haircut you get right after you break up with someone
i can't wait until i run out of cigarettes so i can stop having excuses to go away from my computer

Monday, March 01, 2004

umph..so much to say..but i don't want to pour my guts out all over this blog...a lot has transpired during this day..an interesting highlight..i almost got killed by an eldery driver was wearing those rite aid old-man saftey sunglasses...we used to call them virtual reality glasses in high school..we would steal them from 7-11 and get all snockered and walk around the neiborhood wearing them pretending that reality was really virtual reality..back then.....virtual reality glasses were as funny as the mullet is today..except..unlike the mullet..it is possible to sport them temorarily...we didn't have to be as commited to looking terrible as people who sport mullets....i hope that one day in the 2020's my child does not come home from school and say "can i get that haircut that looks like a short haircut in the front..but is long in the back mommy..please..everyone has it"..i swear i will slap it back to 2003...to a time when bad hair cuts had no civil rights...
the brain poop theory could be means to make room for all this K-nowledge..but it isn 't enough..we need some mechanism to ensure the organization of newly aquired facts...like knowledge caboodle ( those 80's plastic makeup caddies w/ internal shelves )...we need some sort of adhesive now to make it stick...like thought glue
cramming...very very hard... i wish i could make a brain poop to get all that other wasteful knowledge out to make room for some knew knowledge

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